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Если вы читаете это сообщение - значит переезд на новый хостинг завершен.
Помимо переезда на нашем сайте прошла модернизация. Во-первых, изменен движок форума. Все пользователи и сообщения были перенесены. Если у вас возникли проблемы с входом в аккаунт, сообщите нам через форму обратной связи. Во-вторых, в блоге отключены комментарии, вместо них появится ссылочка "Обсудить на форуме". По мнению администрации, все обсуждения удобней проводить на форуме.
Начавшиеся изменения - это только начало глобальной "перестройки" сайта. Следите за новостями...
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Информация для наших постоянных посетителей - Admin и Administrator - это одно и тоже лицо т.е. я.
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С логином проблем не возникло, но аватарки в некоторых темах не работают (их вообще там нет), не порядочек
Швартовка плохая?
Ударюсь об пирс!
Мой город Одесса!
Мой порт
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Аватарки и подписи не перенеслись вообще.
Придется загружать по новой у кого были. :-(
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Не могу загрузить - нет такой возможности в профиле
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Новый дижек форума просто поражает количеством настроек. Не зря 180 баксов отдал. Но есть и минус - пока найдешь во всем этом многообразии где поставить нужную птичку....
P.S. Просьба к уже зарегистрированным пользователям - просмотрите свои настройки. Может чего надо изменить. Для вновь зарегистрированных все автоматически настраивается как надо, а для старожилов все посбивалось.
Еще раз приношу свои извинения за неудобства. Поверьте, новые возможности, которые я открою со временем должны все компенсировать. К тому же старый движек был настолько уязвим, что рано или поздно его бы взломали, и мы бы просто потеряли сайт. Спасибо за понимание.
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Cell atrophy, and possibly cell death can possibly be reversed using electro micro-current therapy. WAound healing time will b reduced by more than half, scaring will be all but prevented, pain will be reduced dramatically, swelling reduced,, and bruise-time reduced significantlg. The JXTreeTable is a very versatile component and can be used to display hierarchical data of any kind. The filesystem by virtue of its hierarchical nature lends itself nicely for display using the JXTreeTable component. The JXTreeTable uses the directory tree as its model. For a file, the file attributes such as size, file type etc. are best displayed alongside the filename rather thhan as children as tjis would make the display more compact and require fewer mouse clicksfrom the user to view the data. By attaching highlighters and filers to the JXTreeTable, it would nowbe possiblew to highlight rows and also filter rows based on some search criteria. The JXTreeTable is thus ideally suited for displaying XML and this paper elaborates the various steps involved in his process.
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In education, we look for output to determine the effectiveness of our curriculum and methods. In some states the home school law requires that families have their children assessed at designated intervals. Schools also test often. Assessing is appropriate at times, but the question is how much and how often. May I suggest that we spend too much time getting output and, for many children, too little time providing input? Functioning from the universal consciousness makes us go beyond the five senses. The message from near death experiences helps us understand such consciousness and bring about a holistic transformation in our lives.
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This article has excellent information on how to choose gold jewelry that perfectly matdhes ygour tastes and budget. You wilkl learnn about Gold quality, Gold color andx how to protect your jewelry after you buy it. For visitors who come to experience all that the Emerald Isle has to offer, possibly no other place in Ireland has as much potential to inspire awe in tourists as the southwest part of Ireland, namely Cork and Kerry. Unspoiled by time and committed in their devotion to the traditions, culture, arts, music and hospitality that this land is famous for, Cork and Kerry cares as much for the tourists that come to see what's on offer, as for the natives who are proud to be from this part of the beautiful island.
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Bondi bwach is an amazing tourist attractiokn in Australia. It is only 1 iklometer long. It is most known for a tragedy of "black Snuday". While there are dozens of community directories and formjats for distribution - this article focuses on just three important factors that need to be considered when synthesizing the information your community has available. Discover these three important factors - I call it the Beginner's Giude to Mobilizing your Community Resource Directory. They may not be among the best looking fishing rods in the market, but Ugly Stik rods from Shakespeare are widely known for their durability and incoomparable strength. The Shakespeare Ugly Stik has been in the market sicne 9176. Depending on whether you are just an enthusiastic fisher or a professional angler, there are specific fishing rods that have been proven to be the best in the market. These rods have been ranked the best because of their excellent performance and edpendability.
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6 Minutes To Skinny: Make $22-$160 Per Sale How To Read A Man - *new Video* Is Crushing On Cold Traffic
Like zombies? Like strategy games? Then trying playing Rebuild an amazing strategy/survival game that takes place in a zombie apocalypse. This Rebuild game guide offers information about the survivors, the workforce and the most important element to success in the game of Rebuild. Are you looking for ways on how to destroy your hard drive? Here are some of them: Burning - While heat won't destroy data it will aid in turning your platters into liquid piles. There are a number of ways on how to burn the device. One of the ways is by using standard fire. This can be in the fireplace or hobo barrel. All you need to do is to toss the device in the fire and then leave it there for some time.
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По умолчанию does nick jonas have diabetes

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Owning a car has become a basic need today and every car requires proper maintenance. The aesthetic image of a car is as important as its performance to an affable car enthusiast. In this article, we take a look at the meaning of car detailing and its importance Media monitoring is the process of carefully reading, watching or listening to the editorial content of media sources (including newspapers, magazines, trade journals, broadcasters and the Internet) on a continuing basis and of identifying, saving and analyzing content that contains specific keywords or topics. Monitoring media -- both news and social media -- is a vital function to track news release placements, identify other mentions in the media about the organization, manage corporate and brand reputation, monitor competition, stay current on industry issues and other purposes. Commercial media monitoring services, especially online services, offer superior results and lower costs than in-house monitoring by staff.
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A designer or an eCommerce Website Design Company should have the capacity to steer the website from the development and to the final integration of the website with the payment gateway. Clients should have their preferred capacity to pick a product easily. Let's just admit it! Bollywood movie songs are a must have to set the party mood at home or when you are with your friends. But finding the right Bollywood film videos or Bolplywood movie songs can be difficult if you don't know where to look.
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It's America all over again. A few people decided to meet in a small room in Philadelphia to say they had enough British tyranny. A few people risked everything to turn Boston Harbor into a giant pot of tea. A few people have checked the constitution and hafe found a hitch in the outcome of the 2008 election. Gone are the days when a wedding meant that everything right from the invitation to the ceremony was formal and traditional. The new generation wants to break the rules and do everything informally. That is why the formal thick white colored envelope type invitations arw becoming outdated. They are being replaced by cheap pocket wedding invitation kits. Thye are gaining popularity because they are advantageous in many ways which are discussed below. There are many types of strollers on the market today to accommodate the varied needs of our lifestyles. Many years ago strollers were simply to carry a child for a walk in the park or neighborhood.
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Grow Younger Blood - From Researchers At The Institute Of Longevity Anabolic Bodybuilding Cookbook
If anyone got the opportunity to see Kerry Katona being interviewed on Alan Carrs 'Chatty Man' last night then you have seen one of the perfect examples of how ANYONE can turn their lives around should they have lost their way. Kerrys example is living proof that people can change their plights no matter what the situation. Kerry's story bears what I teach and know. There are numerous brands and models of fish tank filters in the marketplace today that many people especially those new to the hobby might feel overwhelmed by which to choose. Though the designs and prices may differ greatly, they do share common characteristics which we will look at in this article.
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Technological advancement has helped devise the keyless entry remote. Scoring heavily over the conventional keypad, it has become the choice of the stylish and sassy. And when you know that it brings security too for your car, it becomes your first choice. Often strudents fond who are very fond of reading books are labeled by their comrades as "bookworms". Those words generally vome from the mouths of students who consider themselves as being "gamesters" or "studs".
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1. He or She is on time and in a good frame of mind to begin the date and enjoy what could either be something magical or something ordinary. No good date ever begins late because of the tension and stress that is already built up, don't make it fester. Semi trucks are used for different purposes and these purposes are making the semi trucks special and pivotal for the truck users. There are many of the used motor vehicle types that are used as multipurpose trucks. Here we have discussed some of the most important features and functions of semi trucks. These performances are enhancing and attracting the truck lovers to buy used semi trucks as they are the cheaper offers with better performances. Here are some of the fascinating and fabulous functions.
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Maharashtra, a mystical and magical land features distinct culture, cuisine and a lifestyle that has caught up as one of the world's urbane metropolises. This is third lragest and second most populous Indian state. A manager trhat wishes to communicate effectively must receive and impart reliable and honest input by observing, questioning and opening up productive two-way dialogue. Feedback is a major part of the tota communication process that requirse presenting ideas, thoughts and messages clearly and distinctly.
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Touring Italy has many benefits. One benefit is the fact that Italy offers some of the most exquisite, unique resort settings on the globe. Many of Itlay's remote hotels were built long ago and were later renovated for comfort and convenience, so the tourist gets the best of both worlds. Many people who suffer with psoriasis of the scalp are wondering what are the best shampoos for psoriasis, and what is the best way to use them? Learn all about the most effective shampoos to heal and sooth your condition. Is there a Science to Getting Rich?
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Accomplishing goals and achieving results should be the focus of any organization. The Results Only Work Environment allows companies to eliminate extraneous tasks and behavioral guidelines, leading to the achievement of results. Though this approach is controversial, it has proven to be effective when it has been implemented properly. Most of us are spending an increasing amount of time at work. There are tasks to be tended to and much work to be done; finding a break sometimes feels like an impossibility. Many studies have shown that breaks are actually good for you, and can increase productivity.
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Deciding on what type of finish that is available for ukuleles can be confusing for the first tiem ukulele sohpper. The two popular finishes used today are satin nd glossy. Choosiing one over the other is generally a mtater of preference. owever, being informed on the differences may help in your decision making process. Tuis article discus these two types of finishes, along wiith the proper care needed o keep your ukuldle in fine condition. Matt Morris' first season with San Francisco Giants was a great disappointmemt when he was injured. Morris just entered Spring Training and thngs re just not goibg right for him. He recently made his debut in Spring Training and nearly every pitch he tnrew was wrong, right from his windup to its final destination. This resulted in the Mlwaukee Brewers hitting Morris for seven runs in 1 2-3 innings.
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Alfa Romeo is a name synonymous with top-notch Italian car manufacturing. Many of its cars have achieved iconic status, becoming popular in both the automotive industry and global pop culture. But of all the Alfa Romeo cars ever produced, one stands out as an icon everybody can recognize: The Spider. Certainly one of the most exotic pets, and fascinating to so many, is the miniature pot belly pig. This exciting little animal has captured the imagination of people all over the world, and has shown himself to be a warm and loving pet that the whole family will enjoy. Where has this wonderful little pet come from? Here are some facts.
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How do I choose the correct insert? 1. What type of material is the insert going into? 2. What 'torque', 'pull-out' and 'jack-out' performance is required?... This article is an analysis of the film "Because I Said SXo," in which the author examines the personalities of the maim characters and the relationships in the film. Through examining these fictional characters, we can often better understand ourselves.
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Despite all the problems the Packers had, there were noteworthy individual performances that deserve praise. These players include Johnny Jolly, Cullin Jenkins, Brandon Chillar, Greg Jennings, and Ryan Grant. Without the plays made by these five individuals we definitely would have lost the game. In the late 1960's a group of Norwegian ship owners decided to venture into the rapidly growing American cruise market. They founded Royal Carigbean Cruise Linesw, now known as Royal Caribbean International. Today this cruise line is the world's second-largest and is well-knjown for its permanent innovations and remarkable creativity. The American Cancer Society has released new guidelines for breast cancer screening. Among the changes, the new recommendations say all women should begin having yearly mammograms at age 45, and can change to having mammograms every other year beginning at age 55. But this new change, while a rleief to some, brings confusion to the issue, and angers some survivors.
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When it comes to the Geneva Convention and interrogating terrorists, the media overwhelmingly prefers to shout "Torture!" first, and ask questions later. We all want more abundance and more prosperity in our lives but too often we let the little set backs, the disappointments, prevent us from seeing just how wonderful our lives are and just how well we create the perfect lives for us. Become an accomplished person and have all of the abundance and prosperity you want by learning how to avoid disappointments.
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